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Breathe New Life Into Your Project

Do you have a painting project? We love to paint. It is our passion. We provide both exterior painting and interior painting services, including ceilings.

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Our Do Well Painting Process

Your home or business is a showcase for your personality and passions. Choosing the right color and type of paint is essential for creating an inviting and interesting space. We will take great care in creating the exact look and atmosphere you desire.


What We Do – Prepping areas to be painted can be tedious and time-consuming so leave it to us! We get it done and we Do It Well!

  • We scrape and clean all the surfaces before painting so that the end result looks smooth and perfect.
  • We use canvases, tape, and other materials to keep areas clean and free of drips.
  • We will remove items such as switch covers and outlet covers and replace them when we are done.

Throughout the entire process, the only thing that looks different after we’re done is what you paid for!

What You Do – We’d greatly appreciate it if you could do the following before we paint:

  • Please remove large, bulky items.
  • If furniture such as couches or tables are near walls please move them at least a minimum of 2 feet away.
  • Items such as pictures, paintings, curtains, etc., should be removed and stored away while we paint.

Our Painting Process

Primer – After we prep, the surfaces and finish taping, we start with one primer coat. This covers any potential stains and prevents them from showing through the paint color. It also helps the new paint to stick to your walls and ceilings for years to come!

Paint – After the primer dries we apply at least two coats of colored paint, waiting in between each coat for the paint to dry.

Spot Touching – Spot touching is the process of finding small areas that may need a quick touch of paint and filling them in so that they no longer show through.

Finishing Touches – Once the paint is dry we will remove all the tape and put back the switch covers and outlet covers. Viola! You have a newly painted and refreshed space!